• “A friend asked that I try a 3-day detox program with her. With a fair amount of skepticism, I agreed. By the end of day 3 I was sad not to find Michele’s amazing raw concoctions at my door any longer! I especially loved the green juice and kale salad. I felt great during the entire process and look forward to another 3-5 days of Michele’s delicious “cooking” in the near future.”

    — Kim

  • Michele makes delicious green juice!

    — Jaime B.

  • Michele "cooked" for me for what i must say, was the happiest food time of my life...

    — Lori Goldstein, Fashion Stylist NYC

  • It was different, entertaining, delicious, and our friends keep talking about how much fun it was.

    — Mike Faith, CEO Headsets.com

  • I looked forward to the next treat that was totally wonderous.

    — Melinda Morrison, Melinda Morrison Lighting

  • Michele makes her juice with the best ingredients and combines that with her knowledge!

    — Rio Miura, Founder Soma Beverage

  • I had a fantastic experience with Michele and the 3-day Green Juice Delivery detox.

    — Steve King, VP Napo Pharmaceuticals

  • I highly recommend that you choose Green Juice Delivery for your next detox.

    — Laurette F.

  • Michele delivers amazing juices with love, every time!

    — Ahmed Rahim, CEO Numi Tea

  • I have found the best in the Bay Area...finally!

    — Johnny Wood, SEO Consultant



Green Juice : 16oz

 Green juice should be part of every day. At least once a week, right? It’s amazingly delicious.


Orange Carrot Turmeric : 16oz

    A wonderful way to start the day. Fresh press oranges, carrots, lemon (and ginger if you want a little extra kick) and add fresh turmeric root. Keep inflammation at bay, and get your Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Beta-Carotene (anti-oxidants), all in one sip!


Gimme-a-Beet : 16oz

Beets, like most roots are pretty sweet and hearty. When you juice them, they produce concentrated versions of themselves. But this recipe balances it all, just right.


  • drinktherainbow

    Detox Week

    Today is as good as any day to try one of our detox programs. Maybe just for a day, or maybe for an entire week. Call or email us if you’re ready to join us and save the date!

  • gjd_irishmossNOTXT

    Cacao Irish Moss : 32oz

      This is a special treat, not only because it’s good for you, but mostly because it has two amazing superfood ingredients, irish moss (chondrus crispus) and raw cacao! When you drink it chilled, it can be as thick as pudding and very filling. But when you drink it warm, oooohhh…it’s the best “hot” chocolate […]

  • bodydetoxic_header


    IMN Enterprises and Green Juice Delivery are teaming up to offer “The Body Detoxic”, a fun, relaxing and interactive workshop series across the Bay Area. Our goal is to synergistically bring together science based – nature inspired education (LEARN*), fresh organic whole foods (EAT**), and valuable high quality resources (SHARE***). SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2013 in Pleasanton, Ca. Investment […]